Project 365 – Day 1 / 365

I’ve had my Nikon d40x for a few years now.  I’ve taken photography classes, read photography books and have basically scoured the internet reading anything relating to photography for a while now.  For the last few years, my main subjects have been my 2 dogs, Emmy and Charlie, and my cat Lucky.  But then life happened and I put my camera aside.  Fast forward to now.  I’m a SAHM to my baby girl, Ariya.  My husband Terral accepted a job in Winchester, VA last year so we moved from Richmond VA to here.  Seeing how fast my baby girl is growing makes me want to pick up my camera again and document her expressions and features and every milestone.  So I’ve decided to challenge myself by starting a blog featuring all of the pictures that I take daily.  I’m hoping that this project will help me grow as a photographer.  Enjoy!


mmm my fingers are so yummy

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